PARB’s focuses on enhancing the sustainable productivity, reduce poverty, ensure food security and promote competitiveness in the agricultural sector through output oriented agricultural research developments plans.  The Board shall take all such measures as it deems necessary for the promotion, development and conduct of agricultural research in the Punjab. To meet these objectives, PARB performs the following main functions and the below mentioned funding are granted, and the criteria, procedure, guidelines and proformas regarding the funding services are stated below:

How to Avail Services

The procedure for availing Research Funding Services by PARB is  given below:-

  • Chief Executive shall solicit the research proposals from the research organizations through advertisement in national press and on Board’s website.
  • The projects shall be submitted on the format prescribed by PARB.
  • Any public sector, Punjab-based organization can compete for the project grant.
  • However, the collaborator(s) in the project can be from any public or private sector organization from any part of the world. In such cases the project document shall clearly identify the activities and budget for each collaborating unit/organization.
  • Projects competing for the similar objective may be reviewed by the TWG.
  • After TWG clearance, the Executive Committee shall select the best projects based on:
  1. Competence of the scientists and the institution.
  2. Time frame to achieve the targets.
  • The projects cleared by the Executive Committee shall be placed before the Board for final approval. Board shall have powers equivalent to the DDSC for approval of the projects.
  • A contract shall be signed between Board (through Chief Executive) and Project Manager (PM), team leader of the collaborating scientists of each unit, and head(s) of the respective institution(s)

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